While things have been delayed for some time, the Christian Coalition of Countries will be at war very shortly, as we must come to the assistance to our allies that have been attacked.

In game announcements were sent out earlier, please respond to them if you have not already. If you cannot undertake a war, please be sure you are in peacemode now! In addition, here is a thread on the forum that has the information that you will need, please read it ASAP if you have not already here.

Let us pray for our success and that of our alliance in this conflict!

“When you go to war against your enemies and see horses and chariots and an army greater than yours, do not be afraid of them, because the LORD your God, who brought you up out of Egypt, will be with you.” Deuteronomy 20:1

Also see the video here

Wes the Wise Now Minister of Foreign Affairs

We are happy to announce that our 13th Chancellor Emeritus, Wes the Wise, has been elected as the Minister of Foreign Affairs! He won 15-2 over Abstain, our favorite perennial candidate. We congratulate Wes and thank him for his willingness to serve in these troubling times. May God be with him in his office!

Jesusfreak New Minister of Defense!

In a nail biter of an election, Jesusfreak beat perennial candidate Abstain by the vote of 14-1!

But in all seriousness, congratulations to Jesusfreak!  We thank him for his willingness to serve and pray for his success in these troubling times.

Reasons for War Delay Before 11-14

Previously reported and now no longer accurate:

As it was reported in a number of places over the last few days, there was an increased likelihood of war coming to the doorstep of the CCC. Right now, besides some minor skirmishes, there is no formal war that we are involved in. However, we could still find ourselves in a war, so please stay prepared.

To see what is happening on the war front, consult this thread.

Ongoing Discussion about Charter Ammendment

The past few days, people have been discussing a charter amendment proposed to the Church Body here:

The essence of it is that the Vice Chancellor gets his vote back, and that in the case of a tie, a Chancellor Emeritus will step in and vote to break the tie. The proposed text of the Amendment is:

2. Vice-Chancellor

D.The Vice Chancellor shall have a vote on the High Council.
E. At the beginning of each election term the new High Council shall select an active CE by majority vote to fulfill the role of a tie breaking vote in the event of a deadlocked vote in the High Council.

Discussion has been deeply divided, with two opposing parties. Some are for this amendment, and others are against it. The discussion is quite interesting, so I recommend you read it… and throw in your own two cents as well.

We need to think long term here rather than just giving Elf a vote again. There were a LOT of valid concerns raised back when the MoE position was originally suggested in regards to having 7 voting HC members. On top of that it would mean that 2/7 members were no longer chosen by our membership, but instead were picked to back up other views. Why should it matter even to other alliances that you don’t have an actual vote? In the past both Wes and I have acted on behalf of the HC in various things from treaty negotiation, war planning (think October last year when without holding any HC position. I personally lead war planning and coordinations for most of the alliances on our side during our war against MQ with only my two positions being Chancellor Emeritus and CCC Commanding General). Saying that people won’t listen to you and that you are unable to do things if you don’t have a vote is just plain daft :P What matters is that you’re active on IRC (and so people know you) and that you’re competent. Without those two requirements it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the HC for years nobody will listen to you :P (Les Paul Supreme)

I must echo Kyriakos’ concerns for this amendment. If it passes, not only does it rescind what the Church Body just voted to enact, but it would require 7 active members to run the High Council. Please do not vote for this amendment on emotional reasons, but really consider what you’re voting for here. If we are concerned about alliance activity and election turn outs, making the required active government larger will only lead to more bureaucracy and not to an actual solution.

Given the concerns of so few people running for government positions, it just does not seem logical to me to address issues of inactivity by forcefully requiring a larger government. (Britishdude)